About us

Pernova Nature House with its unique architectural solution tells its visitors stories about biodiversity in Estonian nature and in the rest of the world.

Knowledge about nature allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the multifaceted functioning of the environment around us and what the part we play is in the survival of this ancient biodiversity.   

In the era when live is more and more consolidated in cities, we believe creating and maintaining a connection with nature and raising awareness about environmental changes through exhibitions, special events, hobby groups and hands-on educational programmes for schools is especially important.

We strive to serve as guides for young people today and in the future and attach importance to helping them notice nature and develop an interest in it. In our rapidly changing times, the domain of nature and environment studies never ceases to provide new knowledge.

We value the quality time people spend together, which is important for families and for any generation. Tours of the building will give nature enthusiasts of all ages enough to explore.

Welcome on a tour on the three floors of the Nature House! We hope you will enjoy our exhibitions.

To fully experience the special atmosphere of our centre, you can book a guided tour, hold inspiring seminars or team events here, or use it as a venue for a memorable celebration.