Audio guide

The online audio guide is your personal guide to Pernova Nature House. With it you will learn:

∙ what interesting and useful plants can be found in three climate zones of our greenhouse (40 plants);
∙ what makes the most common wild animals in Estonia special (20 exhibits on the Animal Trail);
∙ what secrets do Estonian birds keep (20 exhibits on the Birds Trail).

With your smart device (a phone, a tablet or a laptop) you can listen to and watch the audio guide in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish languages at the Pernova Loodusmaja website.
The free audio guide is also available in form of files for reading and can be used whenever and wherever you want – in Pernova Nature House, at home, at school or outdoors.
The audio guide is also available to people with hearing impairments, whom we invite to browse the files for reading.
The audio guide comes with knowledge test worksheets.

The creation of the audio guide was supported by the Center for Environmental Investment and Pärnu City Government.
Texts: Zoosemu MTÜ, Aleksei and Mattias Turovski (animals, birds), Regina Ester (plants).
Photography: Heinrich Ervald.
Worksheets: Astrid Vii