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Opening times

M-F: 10-19
S: 10-16

Dome cinema and planetarium

Unique in Pärnu!


An educational visit for the whole family!

Guide tour

An educational visit for groups!


Nature house is a grass-roofed house with a unique architecture, which hides a spherical cinema, a permanent exhibition area with various species of animals, birds and plants, a film and sound cave, a winter garden and interesting thematic displays.


Exhibition-sale “Flower Cards”

Kai Tomasberg creates floral cards that express the beauty of local nature with unique patterns. Many different forest and garden plants are used on the cards, such as fern, lion’s mane, marigold, field bush, garden lilies, etc. Read more here.

“Horrible land drought”

Benefits and health risks of inanimate nature

Life without mineral resources is unthinkable today. Ores and minerals mined from the ground are used everywhere – in industry, agriculture, medicine, information technology and elsewhere. Mining of mineral resources always has environmental impacts. Some substances can be dangerous to health even if they are naturally hidden in the ground. It is not true that everything artificial is always bad and everything natural is always good. Read more here.

“Minerals and rocks in Estonia and other parts of the world”

The exhibition features various minerals and rocks from the Pernova Nature house geology collection, which are found both in the Estonian countryside and in other parts of the world. Read more here.

“Pollinator Study”

In the garden of the Pernova nature house, an exhibition is set up until the end of the summer, which introduces the importance of pollinators in the world and the various species that live in our gardens and nature. Read more here.

Development of a complete tourist attraction of Pernova Nature house,
revitalizing the visitor center and launching a cooperation network.